fishingThe Pacific Northwest fishing area is one of the most sought regions for fishing near Washington. With several fish species in the area, fishermen are able to catch a variety of fishes within in a five or six hour period. Most Washington fishing charters in the area have been around for several decades, as many of them are family owned and operated. Nestled right along the Port of Ilwaco, Port of Chinook and Seaview Ave NW, the various marinas that serve the fishing community of Washington have become some of the best spots for catching salmon and steelhead. The Pacific Northwest fishing charters offer an extremely luxurious fishing experience for individuals and groups of people.

Even if you are not an avid fisher, you can always learn on these fishing trips that you take on Washington fishing charters. All boating trips will have experienced fishers who have been in the water for several hundred hours. These individuals are extremely familiar with the waters and how to fish in the area. The best part about booking a fishing charter service is that, they offer a number of different services and amenities. Washington fishing charters provide guests with all the equipment, luxurious heated cabins, cleaning and bagging services and fishing licenses. Since these charter services operate throughout the year, you might want to consider the fishes that are available during the various fishing seasons in the year.

fishing2For those who aren’t aware, there are several freshwater fishes in the Washington, but knowing which seasons they’re available in is something you should know. King Salmon is readily available in July and August, with good amounts in March, June and September as well. Blackmouth is mainly available in January, February, November and December. The summer months are primarily reserved for salmon fishing, while deep sea and bottom fishing are carried out in the winter. Washington fishing charters will provide you with all the information you need to know about fishing, so don’t worry about making mistakes. A few of the seventy freshwater fishes in the area include Sturgeons, Herrings, Trout’s, Lampreys, Whitefish, Minnows and Pickerels.

Those who are considering making bookings with Washington fishing charters need to remember that there are licensing and fishing regulations set forth by the nation’s capital. There are several fishing regulations, which will be given to you when you go on a fishing trip with a charter service. These regulations will set limitations on the number of hooks used per line, the size and number of certain fishes that can be kept, etc. Also keep in mind that Washington fishing charters do not fish for commercial purposes, as it is prohibited in the State of Washington and District of Columbia.

fishing3As previously mentioned, these fishing boats come with the latest in fish finding technology, so you will always be brought to locations that have a vast number of species present. Washington fishing charters use fish finding sonar’s that detect fish population and these regions are not too far from the harbour. In Puget Sound, you will be able to make some great catches by only going ten miles towards the ocean. While on these fishing trips, it is important to be prepared for everything. This includes brining warm clothes, boots, proper innerwear, food and beverages. Keep up to date on the weather forecast for the area, especially during winter months. Washington fishing charters go into the waters during cold winter days, but they try to stay away from leaving the harbour when a storm is coming down. Like mentioned before, the winter months are the best for cathching Juvenile King Salmon.

When making bookings for Washington fishing charters, the pricing will include a Washington fishing license, all the fishing equipment and cleaning and bagging services. There are various options for choosing fishing charters, as it depends on when you want to depart and how many people you are going with. Most fishing charters will take on about four to six people, with pricing around two hundred dollars per person. With different Washington fishing charters, the options and pricing will be different but you can expect something similar.

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