Salmon Fishing In Washington

Many Fishermen in Washington spend their lifetime chasing these amazing fish. From the Chinook Salmon in the Columbia to the Sockeye and Coho in Puget Sound there always seems to be Salmon in Washington to fish for.

But as many Salmon Fishermen will attest, there can be a bid difference between fishing for Salmon and Catching them.  An experienced fisherman will take into consideration, weather, water temperature, water clarity, the stage of the river they are in, what Salmon and other fish are feeding on, tide cycles, moon cycles, and much more.

As you can see, there are many things that can make a difference in simply catching an occasional Salmon to consistently catching a Washington Salmon.


This website was developed as a resource for Salmon Fishermen to use in helping them improve their results. 

Washington Department Of Fish & Wildlife

The first thing you need to do whenever you go Salmon Fishing in Washington is to make sure you have your license and tags along with knowing the rules and regulations for the area that you will be fishing in.  The synopsis is printed once a year but the fishing regulations and seasons can change more frequently then that.  Make sure you are keeping yourself up to date.

Click the  Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife logo to the right to be taken to their website.

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